Shots from Urbanscapes’10

Back in June, the yearly event ‘Urbanscapes’ took place at KLPAC. As usual, the place was filled with artsy stuff and colourful humans.

Here are some shots of us of the place of the people and everything else.

I was sneakily shooting this girl and some other people when I finally got caught.

I was there with Bryan & Fritz.

Bryan’s photo taking machine called Nikon.

Saw Cheesie doing her thing at 2nd floor. Said hi and she managed to pose for the camera. Helo! 😀

We then walked to the outdoor bazaar and met up with some other friends. Joel and Joshua. Sup yo!

This guy was playing music out of water filled cups. Demonstrating some electric current – finger dipped in water – makes music thingymajig. LOL

Bumped into Karyan. Took a high key photo la konon. haha




  1. Biopolymath

    Cheessyyy I so gonna meet her!

    smashpOp Replies:

    lol okay

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