Siao Aunty

so so so?

can anyone guess what happened next?

well… nothing much la. lol

Astro Talent Quest first runner up saw me shooting him. lol

then they all posed for the media.

Then Rynn Lim sang his latest single..

followed by dance performance by one of the teams from Astro AEC Battleground, a street dance contest.

Racken Force is what they named themselves.

Then it was time… to see who got to buy the ALbum T for RM111.11 and RM11.11.

It was her! this aunty got the Album T for only RM111.11!!! She was the first in line cos …. cos… she queued since 1pm the day before that.

“hello aunty.. you siao ah?”

and then Rynn Lim selected 5 person from the crowd and they could buy the Album-T for only RM11.10 omg!

there is still one more post left from the launch.. about stuff I did with the Album T and what siao pose I did.

but it wont be up tomorrow.


I received a package from Netherlands today…. and I wanna share with you guys tomorrow.

Can you guess what I got and why am I so excited about it? lol


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