Siao Butterfly

A lotttttttttttttttt of people asked if i can show real photos of the Alpha package I’m selling….

so I grabbed my N95 and took this photo.

Now everyone happy? (i mean those who asked la.. lol)

Tech Ed continued…

We all changed to our Windows Live tshirts…. the design is at the back.. so u guys cant see it in this photo

then we all went to our own stations.

Eugene Bryan HungWei Fattien and I were in the same team

The Emo Trio minus Slinky.

Basically all we had to do was to manage the cybercafe booth where people come and participate in some quiz by using our laptops to find answers.

The working hours were short….

we were soon seen playing around and walking around.

I walked over to Asyraf Lee’s booth to take photos of people playing Xbox 360.

then we went over to the army bootcamp for some dart throwing and groupshot

ok no comment. >.<

they got all the toy rifles… grenades… etc… so we posed lor… withthe hat

flash a bit strong… but don care. nice pic. ahahahha eugene behind me

at about 1030pm.. everything ended and we all went outside the hall to chill and to chit chat.

and we saw a siao butterfly girl…. anyone know who that was? 😀


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