Siao Christmas Dinner 2010!


Just got back from Vin’s TTDI for our yearly Siao Christmas dinner and SecretSanta event.

Here are some preview shots. More to come soon!

I ordered the Grilled Salmon. DAMN NICE. Served with spinach, herbs and butter sauce. FULLY RECOMMENDED. RM38

We also ordered roast beef, roast turkey, among other delicious food.

After eating, we moved on to our SecretSanta gift exchange. We have randomly picked the name of the person we would buy presents for and no one knows who would buy them presents.

Before exchanging gifts, Adrian poured out boxes of Bearbricks and we all picked one each. Thanks yo!

My secret santa was Hikaru and coincidentally I was his secret santa too! ahahha

Everyone gave everyone presents and those who received clothes had to change it on the spot lol.

There… I changed to my Christmas present from Hikaru.. a shirt from Topman and posing with Carmen and her new dress.

When clock striked 12midnight, everyone in the restaurant started wishing one another hugging and all… then we sat down and chilled.. enjoyed wine and some iPhone games LOL.

Ok thats it… its about 230am now I got to sleep. Gnite and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!



  1. FeeQ

    Mery Xmas Pop

  2. cHrIstInA_YY

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to u, pop pop =)

  3. benooi

    My gosh, Be@rbricks!!!

  4. Chong

    Yo… Where did you get the ‘Running Sucks’ t-shirt from?

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