Siao Pailin

On the 5th day of Chinese New Year, some of us went visiting at one another’s house. We started at Puchong at about 10am and ended up in Cheras til around midnight.

First house! Hello Eunice. hehe.. she then joined us for lunch at Bandar Putri.

We had yongtaufu, chicken wings, vege and some other stuff.

Yumzzzz…. lol

Took this before we started eating. Ok after lunch we went all the way to Kepong.

Adrian’s house was the 2nd stop. We played cards and all… then we fetched Eunice back home as she had to study for exams.

3rd stop, my house! ahaha everyone was damn tired already…. then at about 5pm we went to Junn’s house. Didnt take photos there. Dinner was at about 630pm… and once done we went to visit Jed in Cheras.

Played cards til midnight. Woot!



  1. calvin

    wah….most of the foodie fried stuff. tak takut cholesterol high ka….lolz

    smashpOp Replies:

    ala.. old ppl oni wil care le

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