Siao Secret Santa Dinner

Few days after the Spirit screening, the Siao Gang had a dinner outing… it was our annual Secret Santa dinner. This time we did it on the 25th Dec itself instead of 24th.

The plan: Dinner at Michaelangelo, Pavilion.
The attire: Red or green only.

… and so, at 730pm, everyone arrived at Michaelangelo… all wearing only 2 colours… SUCCESS!! lol we kinda caught attention of everyone in the restaurant…. ANOTHER SUCCESS!!

Ok photos of us.

Ryan RED and Eunice GREEN.

Ah pOp RED and Hiew RED.

Ah Jen RED and Cherrie… erm… pregnant so nevermind.. haha

Rames GREEN, Kate RED and Hikaru RED.

Jacklyn RED and Jed RED too!

Junn GREEN, Yat RED and Madeline RED!

Seems like RED team wins! lol

Next up! Random shots food shots and silly shots! LOL

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  1. maRCus

    hwah..sui sui..!! XD XD XD

    smashpOp Replies:

    sui hor lolol

  2. alvin

    wahhhhhhhhhh so cooooollll ahhhhhhhh

  3. ijansempoi

    Hi.. testing

  4. ijansempoi

    Hai again!

  5. teddY

    Looks like only Rames and Junn wore green – the rest are all stuck in red! Haha! I guess it’s easier to get a red shirt/blouse in one’s wardrobe than a green one 😛 anyway, I’m also testing to see if the Twitter ID thing works 😉

    smashpOp Replies:

    ah its working! bestnya… ahahah thanks for the link teddy

  6. YC Chit

    Nice photos..

  7. YC Chit
  8. YC Chit

    cuba lagi! 😀

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