Silhouette Jump

OK so after KL Tower, Herbert and I went to fetch Rames off work(I took leave for 2 days to bring Herbert around or else I’ll have to work also)

We then drove allllllllllllllllllllll the way to Putrajaya.

… and we have finally arrived.

As usual, the buildings there all damn big…

Every one of them is unique… can say unique la.. or in other words, WEIRD.

We took like 50 photos at every building we walked to. 40 of them are photos of our own faces. ahahhahaha

As we arrived there at about 7pm, it was the perfect timing to catch sunset.

Indeed, the sun was saying bye bye to us.

So we took this chance to take some silhouette shots.

Hello again, Mr. smashpOpJump! 😀




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