SkyPark Jump! + Conrad Singapore w Sony Ericsson

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After the Nokia Media Dinner at Dempsey house, I left the group and went to Orchard Road to meet some of my friends at the bar

Met these guys back in Monte Carlo last time and they were in Sg at the same time as me.. hullo!

The next morning I woke up and enjoyed the view from MBS for the last time before I checked out.

Since it was still early, I went for a swim at the Skypark pool on the 57th floor rooftop.

Did the smashpOp jump before I entered the pool.

So that ended my stay in Singapore hosted by Nokia…

NEXT… my continued stay in Singapore hosted by Sony Ericsson.

After checking out from Marina Bay Sands, Chapree and I took a cab and went to Conrad Centennial Hotel to check in lol

My room at Conrad.

NEXT UP! What was Sony Ericsson up to? Stay tuned.



  1. simonso

    woi how old d still jumping!

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