1. vivimeow

    wow, nice design and its cute. Happy New Year too. ^^

  2. kornykornelius

    Happy New Year!!!
    I also want a lot of things this year!!! hopefully can get it… if cannot you buy for me… Can? lolz

  3. Niki Cheong

    Wah, new look again so fast!

    Very nice, ah pOp! Happy New Year, buddy!

  4. Zhi Shan

    happy new year bro~hope to meet u in person soon~=D

  5. Dylan

    happy new year!
    i also want more money can?

  6. Wing Loon

    nice design & happy nu year 🙂

  7. Ted

    Nice header 🙂

  8. Jacquelyn

    happy newww yr to u too!

  9. Tiffanyk.

    Aha, happy new year!! 🙂

  10. day-dreamer

    Happy New Year!! (:

  11. mike

    fwaa. damn fass change design right? nais. Happy New Year.

  12. Joey

    Happy New Year, new blog look, cute. I prefer the previous one.

  13. annna

    happy new year!!

    xin nian kuai le~~

  14. Marvin Lee

    Wishing you a Happy and Smashing 2010!

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