smashpOp Lean, Afternoon Tea, Dinner and Breakkie

Part 1: To Hongkong I Go!
Part 2: Awesome Lunch at Disneyland Hotel
Part 3: Faces Of Disneyland
Part 4: Slinky Ride & Golden Mickey!
Part 5: Beauty & The Beast In A Small Small World
Part 6: Meeting Chef Mickey At Midnight!
Part 7: Minnie Mouse Loves My Disneyland Jump

As we spent more time in Disneyland on day 2, we took more photos!

Ive done the smashpOp Jump.. so it was time to do the smashpOp Lean!

After walking under the sun for hours, we ended up at the corner cafe to enjoy some tidbits during afternoon tea.

For dinner, we had it at Walt’s Cafe.

While waiting for food to be served, we took some photos and then only we reliased that everyone got a little tanned. heh

My steak!

On the 3rd day, we had breakfast at Chef Mickey Restaurant and then we checked out of Dineyland.


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