Food Photography

Here are some photos of food I shot with proper lighting equipments and all.

Have been shooting food all these while and below are 7 photos out from the Asian Food category.

The clear white background was requested by the client.

If you or your friends & family need food photography service for cafes or restaurants, please email me at smashpop[at]gmail[dot]com


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  1. September 15, 2010

    What proper lightings equipment do you use? I’m curious.

    smashpOp Replies:


  2. September 15, 2010

    It would be better if there are some decoration that match with the dish. Eg. dish mat~?

    smashpOp Replies:

    haha. the clear white background was a request by client.

    TianChad Replies:

    icic =) All the best for food photography =)

  3. Tz
    September 15, 2010

    Make So hungry early morning… Have to countdown for lunch now. Hmmm… Where to go for lunch?

    smashpOp Replies:

    go oldtown. LOL

  4. yinxie
    September 15, 2010

    fuah!! nice nice! so clean! another hungry post! LOL!

    successfully make ppl’s saliver flood all over the keyboard! LOL!!! XPPPP

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahha yayyyy good lah lidis

    yinxie Replies:

    =_____= “

  5. September 15, 2010

    ur normal outing food pic nicer lor.. sfg!

    smashpOp Replies:

    cos normal wan was according to my own requirements.. ahah this one is client’s

  6. September 15, 2010

    Soooo hungryyyyyyyyy

    smashpOp Replies:

    when u say u mis msia… m i included? LOL

    Kingston Replies:

    tentulah bang!

  7. September 15, 2010

    *tries to steal gears and equipment*

    smashpOp Replies:

    CANNOT! ahahahhaa 😀

  8. September 22, 2010

    Haha … should have asked the client permission to post the restaurant name too, then paid advertising on the blog ma. 🙂
    A little extra.

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