#smashpOprewind2013 » FEB: Disneyland, CNY, SHARP, Harlem Shake & PUMA

It’s January 2014! That means smashpOp Rewind is back to look what we have posted back in 2013! Let’s start off with February 2013 (Since January was a rewind month).

Started off 2013 with a new hairstyle. Wavy yo! LINK

I became the digital ambasaddor for SHARP LINK

I went to Hongkong Disneyland! LINK LINK LINK

We shot Techduology CNY edition!

It was Chinese New Year and I posted photos from Genting and all CNY visits! LINK LINK LINK LINK

Recorded Harlem Shake video in the office!

Went to Penang to host Nokia’s Smoked By Lumia challenges. LINK

Posted about PUMA’s #ForTheStreet party LINK



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