So why I am running a photography and editing workshop?

After years of taking photos and editing stuff, I finally decided to start a workshop to share some ideas and tips on producing visually appealing photos for sharing on social media.

Being one of the early adopters of DSLR photography for the blog back in 2006, photography has always been closely related to the name ‘smashpOp’. I still remember when my blog was named the ‘nice photo blog’ when everyone else was still typing paragraphs of texts on theirs.

This was my first DSLR. The Sony Alpha a100. It replaced my very first camera, which was the Panasonic FZ5, a telezoom digital camera.

From this, I continued doing photography and moved on to the Sony Alpha A700 and then the A55. That was then Micro Four Third cameras became more popular. I then was given the Lumix GM1 by Panasonic and has been upgrading to better Lumix cameras til now.

My photos being exhibited by Sony back in 2008.

Many people didn’t know that I used to be an event+wedding photographer. Having taken these photos for a few years, I decided to stop cos it was too tiring. If not mistaken, I started using my photography skills solely on Instagram from the day I started using the Lumix GM1.

The Lumix GM1 which became my daily driver for photos on Instagram.

ANYWAY, this workshop is not all about photography only. I am also going to be sharing on how to make ordinary photos look appealing. Many have been commenting on my Instagram saying that my photos look good and all, but to be honest, anyone can have appealing photos if they know how to edit.

“But… how did you know editing and all?”

Well, I have been doing graphic and web design since my 3rd year college. I then moved on to becoming a full-time web designer in ASTRO. Designing the radio websites like Hitz, MY and ERA.

Some design compilation I did back in 2010. Haha.. they looked so noob but I am still proud of them.

I have also designed vehicles like the cruisers, Xfresh cars, and Hotlink helicopter.. just to name a few.

I guess these editing skills I have come in really handy when it comes to editing photos.


So if you like these photos above that I post on my INSTAGRAM (, then I will be really happy if you are willing to spend some time to learn some of the things I do so you can have these skills for yourselves to keep for the future.

You can get tickets for SESSION A or B from here:


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