SoftHard Jetty Jump

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after eating ais kacang… we went to Teluk Ketumbar Jetty…. its a damn damn damn long one… it goes dam dam dam dam far away from the shore.

Below are photos taken there with 2 different feel. Soft and hard.

Here goes the SOFT ones.

As we left the shore, we saw some fishing boats… can you feel how their lifestyle is from here?

Douglas seldom get to appear in photos… here’s a chance for him to pose… away from the sands.

he then helped me to take hundreds of a few shots of myself.

another photo to relax the mind…

before we get to the HARD ones….

ahhhh the breeze… the sound of the waves….

phew…………. ok next batch come come come!

We did the ‘smashpOp Jump’ but with a kick.

smashpOp Jump: Break Free Edition.

smashpOp Jump: Shanghai Penang Noon Edition.

and lastly… another one of myself. lol

Do you think we can save the world? 😀


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