Somers May Be The One

Long long time ago, there was a big tree behind the house of a girl named Sarah. Every morning, the tree would look down her house and see her leave for school. In the evening, the tree would see her come back from school.

As time goes by, Sara started hanging out the tree a lot more and gave it a name. She called the tree ‘Somers’. She kept telling her friends that, among all the trees she saw in her life, Somers was the One.

So as I was looking at the photos I took in 2014, I noticed that I attended 2 events in MAY; Somersby Launch and HTC One Launch.

Somersby Pear launched at Publika.

It was such an awesome event. Free flow of Somersby. Whatttt. 😀

There were performances too! But honestly, people were just there for the freeflow Somersby.

At the end of May I went to DPAC to see see the new phone (then) by HTC.

I was with 2 buddies. Ian Eugene and Jon Jack. Both got nama glamour. Luckily I also not bad. Jason smashpOp is glamourer.

The crowd.


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