SONY Cybershot HX50V: Unboxing & First Look [Video]

Time to showcase another new toy I recently got! This time around, it is not a phone or a tablet. It’s a camera yo! The all new SONY Cybershot HX50V has joined my group of gadgets and this is the unboxing post!

OK let’s check out some of the awesome features while we unbox.

The box comes with some manuals as usual and this one piece of manual looks refeshing; Wifi Connection manual! Yup it is Wifi enabled and is able to transfer photos to a smartphone, tablet or computer. More about this in the review post soon.

The usual USB and power cables come along with the battery and the adapter.

Behold, the HX50V! One of its unique selling point is the 30X Optical zoom yo! Coupled with digital, we can go up to 60X zoom! That’s crazily awesome and best when capturing concerts or gigs.

The HX50V has a 20.4 megapixels sensor and a 3″ TFT LCL screen at the back. Love the rotary dial at the back as well, for quick scrolls of photos and menu lists.

Let me show you the menu settings for Wifi. Here’s the part where it asks you if you want to send photos to another device.

GUESS WHAT! I have an awesome video for you! Check it.

Find out more in my upcomings posts; photo quality, zooming, wifi, etc. STAY TUNED!


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