Sony MP3 Player


haha ok its this new Sony NW-E010 Series MP3 Player.

the other day, we went to Sony Style and played with it.

I tell you… damn chun!

it comes in 5 diff colours! I think black is the nicest cos it matches my car. (i sound like Jen here)

I wanted to try it but it ran out of battery so I asked the salesperson if she has one with battery…

Sales: oh don worry you can still test this one. Gimme a minute
Me: err ok…

then she plugged the mp3 player into the hifi or something…

Sales: charging now. you can use it after 1 minute

huah! this thing here takes only 3minutes to get charged fully and it can be used for 3 hours!

and it supports USB transfer too! NICEE

got it powered up and I was amazed cos I didnt expect to see colour screen display cos normally these things only has black n white leds.

Cherrie and I was shocked.. the moment we put the earphones near our ears.. (not even properly plugged into our ears)

the sound is SUPERB! i think iPod pun kalah. Thanks to this new technology “Stereo Clarity and Solid Bass Beats”

so yeah… it comes with 1GB(rm299), 2GB(rm399) and 4GB(rm549) space.

ahh… my black mp3 thingy… aah


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