Sponsored Post: One Macho Story, A Guy Can’t Resist

Not sure about you, but I’m a sucker of macho stories.

I recall while browsing online almost a year ago, I came upon a short film starring Jude Law which made an impact on me till today. Here’s a lil background story, it was bout a man who struck a wager with his pal to come up with an outta-the-world performance to win the heart of his pal.

If he managed, in return the reward was an exclusive yacht that he dreamt for, and it ended with both them enjoying a great time together on the yacht celebrating friendship.

Well, what made an impact was that it was really beautifully shot! Great videography, captivating story, and a positive uplifting message.

This year, Johnnie Walker came up with a sequel to that!

Just as beautifully shot, Gentlemen’s Wager II now takes place in a vintage setting of Monaco. I won’t tell you fully on the story line, but trust me this sequel has a stunning car, a beautiful asian lady(which I am sure you can recognise) , a macho drink and inspirational story jumbled in one….

Watch the branded film here:

Trust me, I’m sure it is able to capture your interest and leave you wanting to watch the film again.

So with gratitude, one can go far, just like Jude Law. So never be afraid to help others who are in need and also never to be embarrassed to return any favour in your life.

If we are to live by this, we will definitely succeed in advancing in work, studies and life as a whole.

True gratitude is hard to find, just like the rarity and craftsmanship of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch whisky blend. It makes it the ultimate expression of gratitude, no matter the occasion.

Oh by the way, you can watch the behind-the-scenes here: http://bit.ly/1LOimM6

##Disclaimer## This post has been sponsored by Johnnie Walker but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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