Spot Me! lol

So our journey to the cave continues… we went up the stairs and stopped halfway to take some photos.

Everyone slowly walked up the stairs step by step…. it was quite steep so it was a bit dangerous there la..

That’s me doing ma thing… lol thanks Brian for this shot.

This one caught my attention… hmm not pain meh? I heard that they do not feel pain.. how come? Can someone tell me?

Ahh… happy family… dad helps his son to carry the pot and mum holding him to assure that he does not fall.

One of my favourite shot that day.

… and everyone kept going up and up n up…..

————– What’s up with SymbianpOp this week?



  1. Zi Sheng

    Banyak cantik la gambars!

    smashpOp Replies:

    terima kasih!

  2. Darren

    the “look here” is indeed an awesome shot

  3. Emily

    Whua! Ka Ch’ng!!!!

  4. yauhui

    Haha… Can sell the photos le.. Banyak cantik

  5. Bengkelcantik

    very unique idea and fress you. thanks.

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