Spot the pOp

One day, smashpOp and his mama went to the shopping mall… they were happily walking and enjoying the grand sales when suddenly the alarm triggered.

Everyone was so shocked they panicked and were running left right up and down.. omg! omg! some women screamed…

babies crying… dogs barking… birds chirping as if they were being slaughtered (shopping malls dont allow pets but just pretend they allow la ok :P)

then then suddenly pOp mama realised that pOp dissapeared. “oh no.. my son is gone! did someone kidnap him? did he went off to check out the alarm? or did he go to the toilet to poopoo?”

She was wrong. pOp went to the restaurant… he saw food. he ran to the group of people having farewell lunch and he went to make friends with them.

pity pOp mama…. she couldnt find her son.

Can you help her?

Let’s find pOp!

They said it was a farewell lunch… but pOp didnt care..

This guy called Yitweng aka Hyperhex was leaving the company… dont think he knwos pOp though..

did the group of people let pOp enjoy their scrumptious food?

More importantly.. have YOU found pOp?


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