Stanley Waterfront Jump!

Back to HongKong!

So we were at Stanley market and then we walked to the waterfront!

It’s like a chilling area by the ‘lagoon’ with a row of cafes and pubs at the by the side.

without wasting any time, I did ze smashpOp jump!

Met one of the tourists there. she was walking her chihuahua and was very friendly. 😀

Camho with cousins

Nice view

We then walked to Stanley plaza and tried the new double pork burger at McD .. yummeh!

Watch this video I recorded as we were walking at the waterfront.



  1. fisha

    gosh! u reli good in jumping!! jumper!!!!!! try different pose next time~ like this>>

    smashpOp Replies:

    if its another pose then its not smashpOp jump already. check out the jumpilation

    fisha Replies:

    oooh..i see~hehe~ so that’s ur copyrighted jump le~ nice one! ^^

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