Star Celeb Roadshow

On saturday, I went to 1utama to meet up with some friends for dinner.
but before that I was at the gym when Josh smsed me.

“fai dit lei ah! sikalang mau start la itu show….”

of course the message was in proper english…

so i rushed there with the intention of taking photos of the StarCeleb roadshow.

The moment I reached the center court, I met up with Dennis..

and then Josh came in sight and we talked n took some photos.

The event then started with the contestants emerging one by one catwalking and ‘posing maut’ a bit in front of the audiences.

There were 60 contestants but divided into 2 groups.

After everyone finished doing their thang on stage, everyone appeared once again and got ready for the next round.

What did they do in the 2nd round? Check back tomorrow


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