Story of the 3 Black Ts

Remember the story about my SE K800i being jealous cos I kept posting photos taken using the Alpha?

Well.. i dont want it to happen to my N95 …

so yea… here u go… some pics taken using my phone.

Presenting…. Story of the 3 Black Tees.

Black Tshirt 1

My Heroes Tshirt… wore it to Nandos for dinner.

My ayam peri-peri pedas.

*oh for those who like the series “Heroes”, the casts will be visiting Vivo City Singapore on the 31st August 2007. If u r free then go take fotos with Hiro Nakamura, Peter Petrelli, Claire Bennet and the director of the series, Tim Kring. 😀


Black Tshirt 2

My Geng Xfresh tshirt…. wore it when I was in the office… when Jack came by to say goodbye to us…

Then Rames joined us so we took another photo…. Jack is now studying in Sydney, Australia.


Black Tshirt 3

My bananas tshirt…
Wore it to Pizza Hut for dinner one day with mum.

Tried the cheesie pizza and erm…. i think the normal ones are better in taste.



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