Streets of Macau

Now lets get back to our Macau tour…

After lunch, we planned to go for a walk… so I took photos along the way…

This place is near my hotel… the whole stretch of shops sell only gold watches, mobile phones and pharmacy.

Its a very weird street.. >.<

As I was crossing the road, I saw this guy looking at the casino in front of him.

Then somehow we ended up at New Lisboa Casino.

My dad went in… so we went in to. Surprisingly, the casinos there allows tshirts, short pants and slippers… ahhshaahh camera too!.. just that we cannot use the camera after we enter.

Mum and I had some snacks there at the chinese restaurant why waiting for my dad to “earn some money”.

then we continue our journey down the road…

Busy busy… oh we are near the St. Paul’s ruins entrance d!… but before that, we entered one of the old buildings to take photo.

Jeng jeng jeng… actually nothing much inside. lol

Simply took a photo for fun. ahahha

Done… now let’s cross the road and walk up to the ruins of St. Paul!

That’s coming up next. ahhaa



  1. ven

    majority of the shops are pawn shops!

  2. DavidZMetal

    Wootz, smashpop u banana ka? 😛

  3. Alice Teh

    I also banana… I like the flowerpOp pic. 😀

  4. Nicholas Leong

    Haha yes you can pawn stuff for more money and go into a nearby casino to lose the money! then come out and pawn more stuff! Vicious cycle!

  5. annna

    heehee.. I’m also banana. Anna banana.. lol..

    I like the busy street picha. Very nice. Can’t wait for the next post.

  6. day-dreamer

    O.o you dunno how to read Chinese? LOL.

    Hmm the street reminds me of our Petaling Street. Haha.

  7. ahKOK

    i am NOT a banana haha.. I am a human hehhe 🙂

  8. Albert Ng

    Who is the wireless flash holder for the flowerpOp shot?

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