Stripe Shirt Trio

I am quite bored with the FGS posts already.. eventhough there is one more part to it.. i planned to postpone it to some other day and update you guys on something more recent.

As some might already know.. my colleagues and I are weird people who takes lotsa pics everyday in the office.. so last week, we planned to wear this particular Giordano stripe shirt that we bought together and erm.. pose!

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Last time we presented to you, the Kungfu Colleagues. Now.. we present you.. “The Stripe Shirt Trio”!

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Just in case you didnt already know, it was me, Rames and Albert.

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I didnt know why i did these poses so please don comment on them. ><

So I wanna end today’s post with a quiz.
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“According the the picture above, spot the difference.” (The gal is Jen btw)

p/s: Photos taken by Aprilcherrie n Jen.


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