Stripes on my birthday

A week before my birthday… which was on 14th March.. we had a birthday dinner.. for myself and Rames.. as his birthday was on 5th.. and mine was 21st… so we called up some frens to gather at Flying Chillies, The Gardens… and everyone was only allowed to wear stripes… as the theme for the night.. was stripes.

So here is part 1 of the attendees.

Everyone really wore stripes shirts that night… so niceeeeeee

Bryan had horizontal stripes at the bottom part of his shirt.

2 shots of the food we had that night…

Woops 7 photos already in this post… lets continue with more stripes tomorrow! ahahha



  1. goldfries

    Ahhh didn’t know EVo and EGo are your buddies. Met them like a month or 2 ago in some other gathering.

    EVo Replies:

    Helo! is me! xD

    EVo Replies:

    dude! i remember…bellygood!

    goldfries Replies:

    haha, now only you remember – after posting on my blog. 😀

  2. maybeedeluxe

    This Pinapple Fried Rice looks extremely dilicious! I’m definitely living in the wrong country with mostly awful food :-/

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahha im very sure you have nice food at your place 😀

    maybeedeluxe Replies:

    Yes, when i’m shopping in the asian food stores 😉

  3. ahmike

    lol kenot tahan EVo’s reaction xD

    EVo Replies:

    cos i camera shy scared to look at camera..

    ahmike Replies:


  4. EVo

    My pic’s first! first! yahoooooooo

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