Stuff Anniversary

3 months ago Stuff Magazine had their anniversary event at Zouk KL. We also went to busybody a bit.

We arrived on time… at about 8pm…

The moment we entered, there were already some activities goin on… guitar hero. hehe

We actually met up with Evo and Selena before entering Zouk.. went for mamak while we waited for mojosh and mynjayz.

Ze peeple inside. The hosts on stage were giving out lots of gadgets like keyboard, mouse, mp3 players, headphones etc etc.

Saw TC and EddyHan there… 3 of us were in Double Exposure before…

The event was actually kinda boring… we left quite early and as we were walking out we met Steph.

Then off we went to yumcha at Pelita nex to KLCC.

Flying off to Langkawi at 11am later! (8.10.09) woot!!!



  1. hitomi

    yer, why always you can go nice nice place one >.<

    smashpOp Replies:

    lol zouk is nice meh? aha

    hitomi Replies:

    NO no no, langkawi

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