Stylish Good Charlotte

Last day at the beach!!!!!!!! Hope I dont get kicked out of the double Exposure competition… ahhaa

Photo 1

Good Charlotte was in Malaysia! … but that was damn long ago lah… ahah if you are too free and got nothing better to do then check out “FUYOH megaphone

Photo 2

Fuah so stylish can! lol That’s me and Jen posing for our lil photoshoot at Starhill. I think Albert took this photo for us. See more here in “Cny day 15: Starhill pt.1“.. wow… taken on chinese new year day 15.. lol so auspicious.



  1. andrew

    fuiyohh!! pop very the stylishh!! haha.. and you hair!! damn nice!! can? LOL =D

    smashpOp Replies:

    can! ahahha come print this foto out n put in ur wallet. ahha

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