Sunrise in Penang

After eating so much.. we went back to the hotel to rest.. had to sleep early cos we were supposed to go for Chingming very early in the morning the next day.

then at 7am.. I woke up and went to the coffeehouse for breakfast.

Then I walked out to the beach to snap some pics.

First shot of the day… the hotel.. took this when i was standing next to the swimming pool

then i walked out to the sandy beach to enjoy the cool breeze and the view of sunrise.

so nice can! hahaa

then mr.sun come out and it reminded me of that funny sun with a baby’s face on it.. (i used to watch teletubbies) and then everything else started to ‘come out’..

for example… Crabs!

this stupid lil crab wasted my 15 minutes… i was waiiiiting for it to come out and everytime it sensed me next to the hole.. it went back in..

come out… go in… come out… go in… come out…. go in..

and finally i decided to stand further and fully utilise my 200mm lens

at about 830am… I went to meet my relatives and started the chingming activites..

130pm. Destination: Queensbay Mall.

Was there to meet up with the group of friends.

while I was walking aimlessly trying to find baskin n robins, I saw Sam, who was having lunch with his family.

Left Sam and family at oldtown kopitiam and I proceeded with my search for the group of friends. We finally met… say hi shake hands and went to Swensens.

Who are the group of friends? Check back tomorrow.


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