Super Awesome Rides At Disneyland Hongkong. We Had Fun!

PART 1: My Journey To HongKong Disneyland: Amazing Hotels They Have
PART 2: Food Food Food At Hongkong Disneyland!

This is part 3 of my Disneyland HongKong post! We’ve seen the hotels and food. Now let me show you some of the fun stuff we did there.

When we arrived, the first thing we did was witness the parade. All these Disney characters were put to sing and dance

One of my favorite shot from the parade. I like Woody more than Buzz by the way 😀

Then we went on the Jungle River Cruise whereby we get to experience the lifestyle of Tarzan.

The ride was an eye opener. They had all the animals and surprises waiting for us when our boat reaches the particular spots in along the river.

One of our most looked forward ride, the Grizzle Gulch!

We basically get to immerse ourselves in the story of Grizzly Bear and live the life of a coal miner.

The roller coaster ride was out of this world!

This was how the town looked like. Each and every one of these houses had different fun things to do in them. You need to come and experience it yourself yo!

Next up, Toy Story land!

I took this Slinky Dog Spin ride. It was considered a mild ride as I wasn’t brave enough to try out the other 2 lol

This was us after enjoying all the rides in Disneyland

Our day at Disneyland ended with fireworks. Awesome!


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