Super Siao Crowd

9th Emperors Fest continued………..
we continued to walk deeper into the temple area

another shot of happy old uncle and aunty before we reached the prayers area.

me: omg look at the crowd! siao can! must protect my a700!
ryan: sooo many people! hmm don care la. lets snap. let’s go 400d!
darren: err let me get my d40x ready.

as we slowly focused on what everyone was doing… we spotted many funny faces.

1 candle = romantic. 50 candles = chaotic

i love this photo.

i love this photo too! it was not an easy thing to do holding a dslr and take photos above ppl’s head with 1 hand. Shutter speed was 1/25. Love antishake. 🙂

where did these people go after they got their jossticks lit up?

They went into the temple!

I couldnt go in.

Instead we stayed at the entrance for more than 10 minutes.



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