Superalvin & Wilzc

2 weeks before I went to Penang, I met up with Wilson aka Wilzc who came back from australia.

He wanted to try JCO so we went to Pavilion for dinner.

I also called Alvin and gang over to join us and we all had japanese food.

Apparently, it was Quiksilver sale and Steph was around shopping with her friend Nadia. They then came to Ichiban Boshi for a short hi bye.

Wilson loves soba a lot… ahah “u know with this kinda price, I cant even get a bowl of noodle in OZ”.. therefore he ordered non stop and then realised that the Soba wasnt that good after all. lol

Alvin pulak pakai full Superman outfit. Speechless. hahaahaha

then we makan lor.. apa lagi kan.. ahha

then we wanted to go to Quiksilver to see what we could grab but we ended up doing all these at one corner of the mall.

we jumped…. as usual….

and we leaned… as Unusual.. haha

thanks Wilzc for taking these shots.

after satisfying our jumping needs, we then took a group shot and continued our long journey to Quicksilver and JCO.


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