Sushi Groove

2 weeks ago Logicyuan and Derek came all the way from Penang to deal with some stuff and we actually met up for dinner and chatted the whole night.

We went to Sushi Groove at 1Utama… since it was new.. so might as well give it a try.

the place was so dark.. and my flash was out of battery… so abit the nightmare when taking these pics.

anyways… FOOD!!

miso soup comes with all the set meals.

Logicyuan’s bibimbap. Isn’t this korean? how come japanese restaurant also got? ahha

Cherrie’s set meal. Looks good. Tasted even better. Price? Around 13-15 bux.

my beef set! around the same price. quite good la the taste but the beef a bit the sikit.

after eating we sat there and talked for hours… and kept refilling our green tea

then when we were about to leave we took a group pic

Sushi Groove. Groovy baby!


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