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Leftblock x NIKE Sportswear

On 23rd April, I was invited to attend an event by LEFTBLOCK & Nike Sportswear at Padang, 1 Utama. The event was to introduce a new fashion label led by Joyce, Jacinta & Michelle. It’s basically an event to tell all ze gurls out there how you can mix and match your clothes lah.. First […]

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Mango Ice & Kiwi Ice

So after the Flyniversary event, we went to have desserts. We took a group shot before some of them left. Then we went for our mango lolo rice dumpling ice blended everything!… at this dessert shop.. erm.. forgot name lol We is enjoyz I ordered this. Not bad. love the sago at the bottom. They […]

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Bunkface @ Flyniversary

So after Ewin’s bday dinner, we went out of 1U for the Flyniversary event and when we arrived, Bunkface was about to perform. We quickly entered the media section and took some photos. Close up! Here’s a video I shot using my phone. NEXT UP! Desserts in 1U!

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The Nerds

On the 9th of September, some of us went to 1 Utama for the screening of The Gamer. As usual, we went for dinner before movie. Below are photos of the nerds at the dinner. He studies nothing. He is called a nerd because he has written a book called “Jom lets go out” She […]

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Back from Gamer screening

Just came back from the screening of Gamer, another movie starring Gerard Butler. This time around he plays a prisoner who is controlled by a game. Very very chaotic… very very brutal. Most of us got headache after watching the movie. NOT worth watching. Rate it 5/10. Some photos from just now. We went for […]

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