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Marie Had a Lil Lamb

Last month, Marie Digby came for a lil showcase at 1 Utama. As usual, people come, we must give face and go see see lor. lol That’s her! I actually got some media pass kinda thing but even the media area was full! omgwtf. So i didnt bother be at ground floor. I went up […]

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Star Celeb Roadshow

On saturday, I went to 1utama to meet up with some friends for dinner. but before that I was at the gym when Josh smsed me. “fai dit lei ah! sikalang mau start la itu show….” of course the message was in proper english… so i rushed there with the intention of taking photos of […]

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Sushi Groove

2 weeks ago Logicyuan and Derek came all the way from Penang to deal with some stuff and we actually met up for dinner and chatted the whole night. We went to Sushi Groove at 1Utama… since it was new.. so might as well give it a try. the place was so dark.. and my […]

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1U and Asia Cafe

2 weeks ago, I went to 1u to watch ‘my super exgirlfriend’ with jo, stacy, ryan and milk. Before the movie, we went to Vietnam Kitchen for erm… tea. (L-R)ME!!!, jo, stacy, milk, ryan Some stuff they ordered(i didnt eat) some of you might have already seen this photos HERE after eating, we walked over […]

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Oriental Cravings

Long long time ago(i think in May 06) in a faraway land.. when I was in 1 Utama… I came here for lunch… Havent been to this place to eat before so gave it a try. I kept correcting myself… its cravings… c r a v i n g s … -_-” Femes oh this […]

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Corpse Bride

Went to 1 utama on saturday to watch corpse bride after work. WE had lunch.. walked around.. shopped a lil.. n took many pics! aha Had BBQ Cheeseburger with 3 beef patties!! and next to burger king was this waterfall.. so i played with the shutter speed again to have a smooth flowing effect. After […]

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