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Pan Mee at 1am

More photos from the temple! We were asked if we wanna do this wishing coil thing… whereby we write our wishes on a paper and hang them on this coil and light it up. I like this shot. ehhe… seeing so many ppl pray, we thought of joining them.. lol We then got ourselves some […]

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Fortune Wheel

I have been taking photos for sooo long… I have never encountered this before. … … … I was testing my flash, so I simply made a test shot. I captured an image of .. something… something that I didn’t believe seeing. There was no one behind the three of them when I shot the […]

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Fortune Windmill

last few photos from my first visit to the 9th Emperor Temple. we spent like 10 minutes at the entrance camhoring. lol. no la basically we were taking a lot of slow shutter pics.. thats why took so long. all these were handheld.. at 11mm, 1sec, iso500. another slow shutter photo. haha.. had to force […]

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Super Siao Crowd

9th Emperors Fest continued……….. we continued to walk deeper into the temple area another shot of happy old uncle and aunty before we reached the prayers area. me: omg look at the crowd! siao can! must protect my a700! ryan: sooo many people! hmm don care la. lets snap. let’s go 400d! darren: err let […]

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