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Alpha Convention 2008

Sony organised a 3 days Alpha Convention in October with workshops conducted by professional photographers from both local and overseas. At the registration area, they have placed a stage with models and motorcycles of Harley Davidson and Ducati for the attendees to snap. I managed to snap a few while waiting for my turn to […]

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Bird Park Jump

Woot! This is the last post from bird park… but fret not.. there’s another additional post comin up. What else did we see or do there? We got attacked by angry birds… look at its face… omg Then Joshua was so excited he wanted to take a photo of the bird. “No! Dont! If you […]

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Alpha Convention Day 1

Hi all! Today is the first day of the 2008 Sony Alpha Convention. Arrived there about 130pm and was shocked to see people everywhere…. queueing to get the convention tags, queueing to get the Alpha laptop sleeve bag, packed at the stage to shoot Ducati, Harley bikes and hawt models… also people standing here there […]

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Alpha Jump

Finale post for the workshop at Le Meridien! Ted is very good at portraits and wireless flash lightings… have attended a few of his workshops before. It was Darren’s first ever talk and he did a great job! Seriously he is damn good at taking cars hahaahah Anyways, some wanted to know whats in the […]

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Free buffet lunch!

Thanks Ryan and Avril for sending your smashpOp jump photos to me. Let’s continue with the Sony Alpha workshop post. Attending Alpha workshop means free meals provided… this time, we had lunch at the Arabic restaurant!.. buffet somemore.. ahha can eat kao kao Seems like everyone was hungry.. ahha After eating everyone was too free.. […]

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