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Hipster Coffee & Apple Store in Barcelona

Alright on the very last day in Barcelona, we walked around town and checked out the Apple Store. Natural lighting at its best. Took this top down from the Genious bar area on the first floor. Then we went to search for this hipster coffee place hidden in some housing area inside a bicycle shop. […]

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The Flight To London [video]

So back in July I was invited by Windows Live to go on a trip to London to experience the Premiere Screening of Harry Potter’s last movie. IT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME TRIP! Windows Live actually held a contest and they engaged 1 blogger in each country (Malaysia, Thailand, The Phillipines and Singapore) to promote […]

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Lion Leaves Hongkong with Beef Brisket

On the last day of our trip in Hongkong, we went to the airport around afternoon for lunch. Since it was Chinese New Year… there were lion dances at the airport. We managed to catch one. Getting ready…. Here we go! Doong dong chiang!! We walked n shopped a bit, then checked in our luggages. […]

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Rain, Wind & 12Degrees in Hongkong

Ok after the 3.5hours flight, we finally arrived at Hongkong International Airport. Their airport is larger, classier and has more retail outlets than the one we have here. More ‘international’ lah.. We had some free time before meeting up with my relatives so we went over to Delifrance to get a drink. It was definitely […]

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Transit at Amsterdam

After 13 hours of flight, we finally arrived at Amsterdam… Breakfast was served before we landed. I picked the sausage and scrambled eggs set… yummy. I had to stay at the airport for about 3 hours before my next flight to Nice, France… so I walked around camho-ing and taking photos of everything. I went […]

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