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Nine Emperor Gods Festival

Here I was again at the yearly Nine Emperor Gods festival and I was there again to take some photos and videos with the gang. It was the 3rd consecutive year I went there and this was the first time I witnessed chinese opera at the temple. Here are some shots from that night. They […]

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9th Emperor Festival

About 3 months ago, Ewin and Victoria joined the Ampang gang to visit the 9th Emperor temple for its annual festival. The temple was flooded with people as the ceremonies took place on the first day and it’s one of the most important days during the 9 days festival. Camho before entering lolz There were […]

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Robert & AiPeng

4 months ago I was summoned by Brian to shoot his sister’s wedding dinner. I agreed and here are some random shots from Royal China Restaurant. I arrived there at about 5pm The restaurant staffs were still setting up the tables and stage. The bride was still putting on make up in the private room. […]

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Shooting 9th Emperor

POPCRAP 1 Just came back from shooting the 9th Emperor festival at the temple just now with Mynjayz, Ewin, Bryanlyt, Suetmei, Victoria, XiowWei and Melvin. Here are 3 shots from just now. the main entrance… people all walking left right up down and all sorts of stalls were there selling everything u can imagine of. […]

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