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Snowflake Noodle Pool

WARNING: This is a non halal post. Proceed only if you have an open mind. lol ———- Today is the last day of Hari Raya public holidays and since I havent been having any fun for the past 3 days (wedding photoshoots non stop),  I decided to go out with some friends for makan makan […]

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TT at Asia Cafe

A few days after we came back from PD, we had a TT session at Asia Cafe and also to celebrate Seth’s birthday before he goes back to east Malaysia. An initial group shot. Someone’s getting creamface! .. suddenly the cream on the cake started flying to everyone’s face (or rather.. my face!).. Another group […]

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DE TT Caffeinees

“What is the biggest Crap in this world?” POPCRAP 1 Yesterday I went to Asia Cafe for a TT session with my Double Exposure mates. I love this group of friend I met from the competition… all crazy and fun.. ahah There were more people but didnt fit them in this photo. lol POPCRAP 2 […]

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1U and Asia Cafe

2 weeks ago, I went to 1u to watch ‘my super exgirlfriend’ with jo, stacy, ryan and milk. Before the movie, we went to Vietnam Kitchen for erm… tea. (L-R)ME!!!, jo, stacy, milk, ryan Some stuff they ordered(i didnt eat) some of you might have already seen this photos HERE after eating, we walked over […]

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