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Lunch, Banners & PC Fair

I wan new CRAP I wan new POPCRAP I wan new POPCRAP banner POPCRAP 1 All camera banners on have been renewed. Longer, larger including lil pOp illustrations in them. Here’s a preview. Oh all photos in this post today were taken using my new T900 Cybershot, hence the 16:9 ratio. hehe POPCRAP 2 […]

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Goodbye Sydney

OKAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY we’ve finally reached the very last post from my Sydney trip. hehe… here goes! I took this photo while we re still wandering on the streets in the morning… edited of course… the real thing is damn dark.. the next morning i forced myself to wake up early to have breakfast… cos i didnt […]

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Siao in Sydney

WOOOOOOOT! Its sunday! No POPCRAP for today cos i wanna finish my Sydney photos fast fast. so this is the 2nd last Sydney post d… wooohoooo… and all these photos were taken using my N95 after the 3 hours fine dining dinner. after the dinner, we went back to hotel to refresh ourselves and we […]

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Fine Dining

… and so we settled down at the restaurant at about 7pm and waited for the food servers to come and take down our orders. The guy came quite fast actually. we then ordered and the guy left our table. then we talked and talked and talked… and after 30 minutes, there was still no […]

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Searching for food

but if I lazy to go then no lor.. lol at about 630 that day, we gathered at the hotel lobby and started walking in a big group to our eating place. eat where? dono… cos the Nokia crew dowan tell.. ahahahhaa “we will be walking in groups, guided by a marshall which will be […]

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