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The sun goes down, bikini girls come out

After a long day, the sun finally went down. The mood at St.Regal changed. Everyone started packing and looking forward to something more exciting. The crowd started to leave the experience halls As we were all leaving the hotel, I got the chance to meet and talk with the CTO of Flipboard. Fanboy moment. Then […]

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BBQ Dinner By The Boatyard

In the evening at Avilion Admiral Cove.. I thought of taking some sunset photos but too bad couldnt catch the sun. All I got was just photos like these. Then at about 7pm it was time for dinner! It was at the grass area by the boatyard. While walking to dinner, I managed to snap […]

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I’m Back from Avillion Admiral Cove!

Got home around lunch time just now and I didnt feel tired at all! Perhaps the trip was too short? Anyways, here are some photos from PD. MORE IN AUGUST! (Probably September lol) We arrived at about 11am and checked into our rooms. Great looking interior and very spacious. Had 3 beds in there! I […]

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Lunch @ BBQ Plaza

2 months ago we went for lunch at BBQ Plaza, Sunway Pyramid. We went there on Friday as our lunch time is longer than other days. We ordered 2 sets for four… The meat might look a bit bloody.. but it tasted great after we grilled them. ehhe Vege too little! Actually 2 sets for […]

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