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The Convention, The Hall, The People

Continuing from previous post, we were at the Alpha Convention 2011. This was how the hall looked like from a higher angle. This was the booth for visitors to submit feedback and get free gifts. I just had to pose a bit. Met Tc and George! Some q&a session got me this giant memory stick! […]

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Sony Alpha Convention 2011!

Just came back from the annual Sony Alpha Convention! Here’s a summary of the event. It’s like a series of workshops organised by Sony for photography enthusiasts to meet up and learn stuff from professional photographers. Free workshops = best. eheh this year the convention is held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. It’s us! The […]

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My Alpha Buddies

Hi all… im still in Singapore.. ahahha will be back tomorrow ya 😀 (photo taken last year) This is the last part of Alpha Convention 08 After lunch, we attended Azrul’s talk on ethics of being a photographer and the 2nd session, architecture photography. It’s also the last session of workshop for the 3 days […]

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Drinking White Liquid

This is 8th post on Alpha convention 08 So as we got out from the boring talk, we shot some models while waiting for lunch time. A new model was standing next to the Ducati. She’s damn cute! Whenever we asked her to pose, she will do some cute ones for us… ehhehe (but not […]

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Sleeping Fest

This is part 7 of Alpha Convention 08 On the 3rd day… which was also the last day of the convention, our group got scheduled to attend the workshop at the main hall, with a talk conducted by this professional fashion photographer from overseas. His way of giving talk was very boring. All the while […]

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Stop Eating!

Part 4 of Alpha Convention 08 Yesterday, someone commented and asked how much is the admission for Alpha convention… well… in case if you still dont know, all Alpha conventions, seminars, workshops and outings are all free to Alpha users. After having lunch at the middle eastern restaurant, I went down to 5th floor, where […]

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