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My Birthday With iTT

Back in March, iTT gang celebrated my birthday at Delicious. Here are some photos from that night. I ordered this. Chicken breast with turkey bacon! BOOMZ! … and I was using my Angry Birds casing that time heehehhe Hello Mell. 🙂 Hello Brandon n Cheryl 🙂 After dinner, we sing song cut cake chit chat […]

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How I Shot Myself

Part 3 from Delicious farewell dinner with Noor. The ex boss and me. Forgot the names of the food we ordered lol Cute photo yes? Hungry. More camho wide lens shots! Salad also look so nice.. omg its midnight now and im hungry. Can you see myself shooting myself? lol MORE TOMORROW

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Black Frames White Shirt

[This is part 2 of DrNoor’s farewell dinner at Delicious 3 months ago] This is DrNoor. Our creative director (now ex). His everyday outfit to office was white shirt with black frame specs.. therefore… the farewell dinner theme was Black Frame White Shirt. After our camho session (which I posted yesterday), the rest of the […]

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Delicious Posers

3 months ago all of us designers had a farewell dinner with our creative director at Delicious, Dua Residency. The dinner was about 730pm and some of us arrived early… Since the ambience was damn nice, we quickly took out our cameras and camho-d while waiting for the rest to arrive. Memememememe! lol Karen couldn’t […]

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DrNoor’s Farewell Dinner

Wooooooooooooooooot! Just came back from my Creative Director’s farewell dinner at Delicious @ Dua Residencies. The theme tonight was “White Top Black Frame Specs” in conjunction with Noor’s everyday outfit. Here are 6 photos from the dinner. The other photos will be up in NOVEMBER. Before we proceed, here’s a photo of hemsem me posing […]

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Delicious bloggers

Anyone saw the stage play that talks about family denial? Here’s the poster of the play. This is the poster that i found.I was there at the play.. many people came to watch.. i think it’s cos of the 2 good looking actors and 2 pweety actresses that played their roles very well. The four […]

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