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Fireworks @ DPC

So continuing from previous post, we played ClueDo at Eujuin’s house in DPC and we waited for the NYE fireworks there. Chris Me Suet Eujuin Took a group shot before we left the house to go see fireworks! Ou yeah.. we arrived after 3 mins walk. lol At midnight the fireworks came to live! A […]

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Happy New Year 2011!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!! TO ALL MY FRIENDS, STAY FUN! TO ALL MY FAMILY, STAY HEALTHY! TO ALL MY BLOG READERS, STAY WITH SMASHPOP.NET! AHAHAHHAHA I celebrated at Eujuin’s house at Desapark City just now and went shooting fireworks at The Waterfront at midnight. Blasting into the new year! May everything for you me and […]

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Nectar Secret

This is part 3 of our Desa Park City shoot back in May. That’s me n Ewin. Thanks Bryan for this one. Before showing photos of the girls, here’s a photo I randomly shot at the park. lol Seems like both of them were gossiping about someone? A close up shot of Joee… dont u […]

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Sweet Joey & Wild Estee

On the 24th of May, a few of us went to Desa Park City for a model photoshoot.. hhehe Here are the 4 photogs. Ewin with his Alpha. Me with my Alpha. Bryan with his Alpha hidden in his bag. Sleepy Kinz with his Canon.. ahah it was quite early lah… thats why he was […]

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