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Faces @ Ellie’s Farewell

Few months ago Ellie had a farewell party at Mont Kiara as she was leaving for Australia to further her studies. She invited many of her friends and bloggers and I managed to catch up with some of them. Here are some photos of us there. Me, her and the big backdrop. Mini group shot. […]

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Mike’s Birthday & Farewell

Got bored of my Korea photos. So here’s a variation. Back in December, the family organised a birthday cum farewell dinner for cousin Mike. He was about to leave for San Francisco that time. Adoi don so tall can? With my parents. Camhoring with his mum lol Aunt n cousin. Fresh cream cakes are the […]

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#Missycheerio, AngryBirds and Instagrams

POPCRAP 1 Was at Ellie aka MissyCheerio’s Farewell party last night at VOGUE, Plaza Mont Kiara. Here are some photos. Known her for so many years already.. and she’s now leaving to Australia for a long long time.. take care and dont forget me ok? 😀 So many people were there last night! Contohnya Albert,Ewin, […]

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