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I love the number 21

The schedule today was actually unplanned… so it was supposed to be a no-event day…. but in the morning, dad got a call and somehow in the afternoon we went to visit a relative at Kuchai Lama and had lunch at Fusion Haven Sri Petaling. Then we went home to rest… was having dinner when […]

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Fusion Haven Lunch

OK.. actually on the same day… as the day we went for dinner at Kimgary, we went for lunch with colleagues at Fusion Haven, in Sri Petaling. They really serve fusion food…! its so fusion i dono where thet got the idea to make the food from… ok anyways… this was mine. Seriously, all the […]

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Fusion Haven

2 weeks ago Gary, Victor and Audrey came over to Astro for some stuff and to visit me. We then went to lunch at this place in Sri Petaling. It used to be called Taste Walking… but they changed it to “Fusion Haven” already. Victor’s spicy chicken. Dono how it tasted like.. price about 10 […]

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