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Bubbly Paragliding Nandos

Here are a few more photos from the hot air balloon event back in March. Mummy and the kid looked really happy playing with the bubbles heh I looked up and saw this. We took a group shot before going for lunch We went to Alamanda Putrajaya and had chicken at Nando’s! Check out the […]

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After all the intense posts on my birthday and the Nokia E7, I just wanna rest for a day and share with you guys 4 Instagrams from this week. Enjoy. This is my current Twitter profile photo. 😀

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Rise of the balloons

As the clock striked 5pm, the gate opened and people with media passes (like us) could go in first to get closeup shots of the crew putting up the hot air balloons. Everyone went on a shooting spree the moment we got in…. shooting everything in sight. The first thing I saw was this. A […]

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Spongebob Kick Jump

As we were playing with the little balloons, we did some jumps n kicks. ahaha havent been doing the smashpOp jump for a while. Photo added to my JUMPILATION Jen, Kitty and blue sky! Then it was about time for the hot air balloon event to start. So we all waited outside the gate hoping […]

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Our little balloons

3 months ago, there was a hot air balloon competition event held at Putrajaya. Participants from all over the world were here to show off their beautifully designed giant balloons. We decided to go there to take photos… but we arrived too early… about 2-3 hours before the event. lol…. guess we were too excited. […]

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