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The Jump At The Beach

PART 1: Hello Lone Pine Penang! PART 2: Room Lobby Trishaw At Lone Pine Penang PART 3: The Pool At Lone Pine After playing water at the pool, we went to the beach! Amagad. My feet are drowning! Did the smashpOp Jump! Then it was time for dinner I had fried chicken chop! Night is […]

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Universal Studios Jump!

So what else we did at Universal Studios Singapore.. lets see We went for this Shrek 4D adventure! Though I’ve tried this before at the one in Gold Coast.. but it was so long ago. Nice to be able to experience this 4D Adventure again. Didn’t know Shrek and friends use Facebook too. lol Once […]

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Sepat JUMP & Lover’s Bridge

More photos from Tanjung Sepat, an outing took place many months back with Siao Gang. once of the fhshing boats was parked near the bridge aka jetty Ou yeah.. long time no see, smashpOp jump. 😀 MORE JUMP PHOTOS FROM SINCE 2005! Aww… why so sad little boy.. Took this using sweep panorama upside down. […]

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JUMP! Comic Martial Arts. A Must See in Seoul

It was the 4th day in Korea… after meeting the ambassador, we went for dinner at this little shop. Though tiny, they serve awesome food! I cannot repeat enough. LOL We had to rush as our next programme was about to start. We walked for about 10 minutes then arrived at this theater. They […]

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