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Friday Spongebob Joke

Today I went around town wearing brown and a crown. People boo and shoo as they try on shoes. So how now brown cow since Molly and her lorry banged me and no sorry? Wtf POPCRAP 1 My new friend in office. Lol… thanks Adrian!!!!!!!! Photo taken using N97. Not bad eh? POPCRAP 2 2 […]

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Love or Money

More than a month ago, when I was on the way to gym…. I stopped by at Avenue K to meet Simonso who was at an expo on the 3rd floor. It was a designers expo… It focused more on UK designers and of course some local ones. there were booths set up by designers […]

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Eat cameras at Kimgary

on March 10, I went to midvalley for lunch with Shawn and Jen at KimGary. it was sorta like a meet up before he went for national service.. n then after makan makan halfway.. jed and mun yee joined us… some pics.. after finished snapping pics, we kept our cams… when jed wanted to take […]

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Bday at KimGary

I am sooo happy that i got to know this bunch of people.. they are members of Lifelogger and we met there… We often gather for dinner.. or for karaoke.. or even movies.. and this time.. we gathered to celebrate my birthday.. hehe here u go.. me n my 2nd cake this year 😛 Took […]

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